Episode 22: GBA Roulette with Emily

Emily stops by the Embassy with a great idea: randomized game music in the spirit of her new podcast, Sound Test Roulette.

Always bet on the GBA! Today, VGMbassador Emily stops by the Embassy with a great idea: randomized Game Boy Advance music in the spirit of her new podcast, Sound Test Roulette. The results are quite impressive, to say the least. In the process, the VGMbassy undergoes a slight redecoration, Emily gets flashbacks to our previous Ecco the Dolphin episode, and Ed learns to appreciate the finer points of casino life. Listen in as they spin that VGM wheel!

Check out Emily’s Podcast, Sound Test Roulette, at http://www.soundtestroulette.com/

A huge thank you to Indira J (The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend, Sacrimony) for the amazing VGMbassy artwork and design, and to Trevin Hughes (aka chiptune composer Jredd) for the podcast theme song!

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Exceedingly Near, in a World Endlessly Far” from Super Robot Wars A (2001) Composed by Akihiro Juuichiy and Takako Ochiai

2 – “Credits” from Wing Commander: Prophecy (2003) Composed by Vanni Miele

3 – “Space Theme 2” from Turbo Turtle Adventure (2002) Composed by Carl Larsson

4 – “Record of the Yggdra War” from Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone (2006) Composed by Minako Adachi, Shigeki Hayashi, Kiyoto Ōtani, Nobuo Kiyota, and Kyōko Nakamura

5 – “World 4: Desert Island” from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped! (2005) Composed by Tomoyoshi Sato

6 – “Mode Select” from GT Advance Championship Racing (2001) Composed by Hirofumi Sano

7 – “Battle BGM” from Tactics Ogre Gaiden: The Knight of Lodis (2001) Composed by Masaharu Iwata and Hitoshi Sakimoto

8 –  “BGM 08” from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2003) Composed by Xu Jin

9 – “BGM 01” from Lode Runner (2003) Composed by Yasuhiko Sakaida

10 – “BGM 14” from Disney’s Party (2003) Composed by an Unknown Artist

11 – “Final Battle” from Elemix! (2003) Composed by Makoto Iida

12 – “Let’s Meet Dr. Minchi” from Metal Max 2 Kai (2003) Composed by Satoshi Kadokura, Emi Shimizu, Seiichi Hamada, Takafumi Mirua, and Seiji Yamanaka

13 – “Them Filthy Thieves” from Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest: Shougeki no Shippo Dan (2003) Composed by Kouichi Sugiyama, Ryoue Takagi

14 – “BGM 06” from Shin Kisekae Monogatari (2003) Composed by Tsukasa Tawada

Outro – “BGM #14” from Shin Kisekae Monogatari (2003) Composed by Tsukasa Tawada

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1 thought on “Episode 22: GBA Roulette with Emily

  1. The way Ed pronounces Yggdra is correct. Y is pronounced shortly just like in “Ys”. I am guessing it comes from the Norse Mythology Yggdrasil tree, or at least inspired by it.

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