Episode 07 – The Diad Challenge

Ben, host of “The Diad Presents: A VGM Podcast” joins Ed for a show chock-full of crazy facts.

It’s a crossover podcast! It’s trivia night! It’s a game show! It’s an encyclopedia! Today’s episode of The VGMbassy is all that and more as Ben, host of “The Diad Presents: A VGM Podcast” joins Ed for a show chock-full of crazy facts. Riffing off of Ben’s own podcast, the hosts challenge each other to research little-known topics vaguely related to each other’s VGM picks. The results are hilarious, informative, and very entertaining. Stay tuned to the end as Ed gets put through the ringer in Ben’s pop-up game show based on VERY obscure trivia!

A huge thank you to Indira J (The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend, Sacrimony) for the amazing VGMbassy artwork and design, and to Trevin Hughes (aka chiptune composer Jredd) for the podcast theme song!

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Good Night (Take 2)” from Gimmick! (NES, 1992) Composed by Masashi Kageyama

2 – “Diary (CD Version)” from Flashback (PC, Sega CD, CD-i, 1994) Composed by Fabrice Visserot, Jean Baudlot, Marc Minier, Patrick Sigwalt, Pierre André Athane, and Pascal Perino

3 – “Title Theme” from Egghead 5: Egghead Round The Med (ZX Spectrum 128k, 2007) Composed by Yerzmyey

4 – “Flight to Venus” from Death Mask (Amiga CD32, 1994) Composed by Matthew Owens AKA Spectral Symphony

5 – “Initial Velocity” from Night Slave (PC-98, 1996) Composed by Yuki Nakayama

6 – “Title Theme” from Jet Power Jack (C64, 1985) Composed by Gary Partis

7 – “Game BGM 3” from Oh My God! (オーマイガァー!) (Arcade, 1993) Composed by Hiroyuki Yanada

8 – “Mr. Rubber Dinosaur” from Harmful Park (PS1, 1997) Composed by Hitoshi Sata

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3 thoughts on “Episode 07 – The Diad Challenge

  1. Hi Ed,

    Just wanted to say, “great work” on the show so far and give some feedback.

    You’ve played with a couple different formats, and I have to say I think the Blind Listen is my favorite! It’s really fun to A) listen to a totally new sound track, and B) hear you and your guest trying to figure out what genre of game it is! Of course, the core idea of having guests on is also very entertaining as well, but Blind Listen was a lot of fun.

    Furthermore, Keyglyph is a great guest! I would like to hear a Blind Listen with you and her, and I’m sure I am not the only VGM podcast fan out there that would like more Keyglyph guest spots.

    Great work and I am excited to see what happens next.


    1. Hiya Bad Dude Shane! So glad you’re enjoying the show. I’ve got at least two more Blind Listen shows in the works since they’re related to Patreon rewards, and some more shows with Emily too, so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  2. Loved this episode, really fun to listen to the trivia! I’d be happy to get more episodes like this.
    However, I feel like I need to make a correction – it sounded like you said Nokia was from Sweden. It’s in fact from Finland, and was their pride and joy for the duration of Nokias prominent position in the phone market. Sweden has Ericsson, which teamed with Sony to make the Sony Ericsson phones for a while.

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