Episode 17: Tetris with Logan and Emily

Logan and Emily join Ed for a fun and hilarious look at the music of Tetris games.

Spawning countless iterations of block-based puzzle games across the world, Tetris is one of the most well-known and most beloved properties to ever grace a video screen. Lately, Ed’s 7 year old son Logan has been bitten by the Tetris bug, and he was super excited to be joined by his friend Emily to talk about it on The VGMbassy. Together, the pair share unique and fun music from over a decade’s worth of Tetris games and chat about their favorite titles and block-clearing techniques. Logan comes up with his own concept for a new kind of Tetris game, and Emily falls in love with the musical stylings of Neil Voss. “Drop” on by and take a listen!

Special thanks to my wife, Myla Wilson, for the photography work on this episode’s image.

A huge thank you to Indira J (The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend, Sacrimony) for the amazing VGMbassy artwork and design, and to Trevin Hughes (aka chiptune composer Jredd) for the podcast theme song!

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The Tracklist:

1 – “A-Type” from Tetris (GB, 1989) Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka

2 – “Music B” from Tetris Flash [Tetris 2] (NES, 1993) Composed by Miyuki Uemura and Mitsuhiko Takano

3 – “Play” from Tetris Mobile (iOS, Android, 2008) Composed by and Unknown Composer

4 – “Tetris A-Type” from Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (SNES, 1992) Composed by Mitsuhiko Takano, K4, and Dhal‑chan

5 – “Asian Flower” from Tetris Party Deluxe (Wii, DS, 2010) Composed by Takashi Watanabe, Tomoya Yoshida, Keisuke Fukuhira, and Ichirō Shimakura

6 – “Magical Tetris” from Magical Tetris Challenge (GBC, 2000) Composed by Harumi Fujita

7 – “The Gypsy Dance” from Tetris Axis (3DS, 2011) Composed by Brian DiLucente

8 – “Impact” from Tetris 4D (Dreamcast, 1998) Composed by an Unknown Composer

9 – ”Versus Game” from Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror-Instinct (Arcade, 2005) Composed by Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso

10 – “Egypt Theme” from The New Tetris (N64, 1999) Composed by Neil D. Voss

11 – “Level 3” from Tetris (CD-i, 1991) Composed by Jim Andron

12 – “Staff” from 3-D Tetris (Virtual Boy, 1996) Composed by Ken Kojima

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