Episode 55: PlayStation Memories with Chris Murray

Longtime VGM podcast community member Chris Murray (aka justapunk) joins Ed for a look back at the PlayStation.

Longtime VGM podcast community member Chris Murray (aka justapunk) joins Ed for a look back at the PlayStation! Included in this show are some of their PS1 favorites. Chris shares some well-known classics, and as usual, Ed breaks out the obscure music that’s woefully overlooked. Look forward to music from Spyro, Suikoden, Hot Shots Golf, and more!

Do you have some PS1 faves you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Los Angeles Quake Zone Rumble” from Twisted Metal 2 (1996) Composed by The Pinnacle Music Group: Chuck E. Meyers, Lance Lenhart and Tom Hopkins 

2 –  “Match BGM 5” from Power Move Pro Wrestling (1996) Composed by Jason Slater

3 – “National Greens C.C. (Spring) from Hot Shots Golf 2 (2000) Composed by Motoi Sakuraba

4 – “Keiya’s Theme” from Evil Zone (1999) Composed by T’s Music: Yasutaka Hatade, Satoshi Miyashita, Michihiro Nomura, and Masayoshi Ishi

5 – “A Worthy Foe Approaches” from Suikoden II (1998) Composed by Miki Higashino and Keiko Fukami

6 – “Act 3: A Dangerous Man” from Vanark [Astro Trooper Vanark] (1999) Composed by Yoshihiro Kunimoto

7 – “Gateway to Glimmer Forest” from Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (1999) Composed by Stewart Copeland

8 – “Race Music 5” from Circuit Breakers (1998) Composed by Gerard Gourley

9 – “Ken Stage” from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (1996) Composed by Tatsuro Suzuki

10 – “Battle V” from Destrega (1998) Composed by Kenji Nakajo, Kaori Nakabai, Michihiko Shichi, and Masayoshi Sasaki

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