Episode 63: The Music of Phalanx

Enjoy a comprehensive overview of underrated shmup “Phalanx: The Enforce Fighter A-144” and its many ports and soundtracks.

Some gamers only know “Phalanx: The Enforce Fighter A-144” as that game with the weird old banjo playing guy on the front of the SNES box. Most were turned off by the strange marketing choice and never gave the game a chance. Ed happened to rent it one day as a kid, and fell in love with the rockin’ soundtrack and smooth gameplay. Today, he’s set out to dispel a lot of the preconceived notions about this cool little shmup, and provide an overview of the game and its various ports. Take a listen to seven iterations of three distinctly different soundtracks, spread across five different versions of the game! With 28 pieces of music packed into a 2 hour show, there’s a lot to listen to. Which is your favorite?

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Phalanx: The Enforce Fighter A-144

(Sharp X68000, 1991)
Developed and Published by Zoom, Inc
Composed by Kenichi Kamio

(SNES, 1992)
Developed by Zoom, Published by Kemco
Composed by S. Yamaguchi

Tiny Phalanx (PS1, 1995)
Developed and Published by Zoom, Inc
Composed by Hideyuki Shimono and Akihito Okawa

(GBA, 2001)
Developed by Kotobuki System Co., Ltd., Published by Kemco
Composed by S. Yamaguchi. Arranged by an Uncredited Artist

(Wii, 2009)
Developed and Published by Zoom, Inc
Composed by Kenichi Kamio. Arranged by an Uncredited Artist


The Tracklist:

1 – “Level 1: Assault” (SNES, GBA, Sharp X68000, WiiWare, PS1)

2 – “Level 2: Under Water” (SNES, X68000)

3 – “Level 3: Bio Cave” (SNES, X68000, PS1)

4 – “Level 4: Deep Core” (SNES, X68000)

5 – “Level 5: Destroyer” (SNES, X68000)

6 – “Level 6: Advertise Area” (SNES, GBA, X68000)

7 – “Level 7: Hyper Space” (SNES, X68000)

8 – “Level 8: Charge” (SNES, X68000)

9 – “Final Boss” (SNES, X68000)

10 – “Ending” (SNES, X68000, PS1)

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