Embassy Exclusive 43: Playing Games to Relax and News from PAX

XVGM Radio’s Justin joins us this month in Joe’s absence for an evening of music and poignant gaming opinions.

XVGM Radio’s Justin joins us this month in Joe’s absence for an evening of music and poignant gaming opinions. We’ve got a few patron-submitted questions at the top, followed by our lively topics!

Todd is fresh back from PAX, and alongside his memories of the event, he saw Bit Brigade perform and wonders what other games might be fun to watch them play.

Justin’s debut discussion involves relaxation vs stress: what kind of balance makes for a good game, and does that balance change from person to person?

Finally, Ed’s back to playing SnowRunner again, which got him thinking about learning curves in games, and how much hand-holding is appropriate, as opposed to being tossed to the metaphorical wolves.

Find all this plus some great music, lots of laughs, and crazy side-stories in today’s show!

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Shooting” from Transiruby (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox, 2021) Composed by Yumi Kimura

2 – “Honor’s Theme” from Murder by Numbers (Switch & Steam – 2020) Composed by Masakazu Sugimori

3 – “Ontario – Afternoon” from SnowRunner (PC, Switch, PS, Xbox, 2019) Composed by Steve Molitz and Citrus Prana [Mikhail Kotov, Vitaly Chirkov]


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