Episode 100: The 100th Episode Celebration!

It’s our 100th Episode celebration, packed with special guests, cameo appearances, and the debut of the NEW VGMbassy Theme Song!

The day is finally here! Ed, his wife Myla, and their youngest kiddo Logan are all decorating the Embassy for a blowout 100th episode celebration. This one is packed with special guests, cameo appearances, and the debut of the NEW VGMbassy Theme Song, arranged by PAPRIUM co-composer Trevin Hughes, aka Dredd!

Ed is hosting a BYOV party, where each guest brings their own VGM tune that reminds them of the VGMbassy in some way. Each segment sees the arrival of a new guest, all of whom have been VGMbassadors on previous shows and prominent members of the podcast’s community. Lots of memories and laughs (and a few touching moments) are had throughout this plus-sized episode, wrapping up with some exclusive news regarding the next era of the VGMbassy. We’re continuing the celebration onto our Embassy Exclusive show at the end of the month, so please write in (or send a voice recording) to thevgmbassy@gmail.com and shout out your favorite guests, shows, and memories, and we’ll include it on the episode!


A huge thank you to Indira J (The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend, Sacrimony) for the amazing VGMbassy artwork and design, and to Trevin Hughes (aka chiptune composer Jredd) for the podcast theme song!

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Thanks to our supporting Patreon patrons, who help make this show possible: Ryan Steel, Cameron Werme, Kung-Fu Carlito, Muddle MADness, Scott McElhone, Periodical, Chris Murray, Mike Stark, Keyglyph, Kyle Krull, Chris Meyers, The Diad, Professor Tom, Cameron Chiles, and Dan Laughton.

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The Tracklist:

1 – Cameron Werme: “Praying Hands (VRC6 Version)” from Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge (GB, 1991) Composed by Hidehiro Funauchi and Arranged by Cameron Werme

2 – Bedroth: “Flight” from Panzer Dragoon (Saturn, 1995) Composed by Yoshitaka Azuma

3 – Alex Messenger: “Wakakusa GCC Spring Theme” from Swingerz Golf (GC, 2002) Composed by Takeshi Arai

4 – The Diad: “The Grind” from Going Under (Switch, PS4, PC, XB1, 2020) Composed by Felix Peaslee and Chong the Nomad

5 – UtopiaNemo: “Backpack” from Grindstone (iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, 2019) Composed by Sam Webster

6 – Ryan Steel: “Journey Through Time” from Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch, 3DS, 2017) Composed by Yosuke Kinoshita, Kosuke Mizukami, Shinichiro Nakamura, and Hiromu Akaba

7 – Dan Laughton:Patology” from Pato Box (PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, XB1, Vita, 2018) Composed by Controvol (Luis Vázquez De Lara Padilla)

8 – Chris Murray: “Throbbing Heartbeat (Event Battle 3)” from Ys X -Nordics- (PS4, PS5, Switch, 2023) Composed by Mitsuo Singa

9 – Kung-Fu Carlito: “Fight and Flight” from Rivals of Aether (PC, XB1, 2015) Composed by Flashygoodness


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