Episode 13 – The Messenger with Composer Rainbowdragoneyes

Ed invites The Messenger composer Rainbowdragoneyes, aka Eric Brown, to have a chat about the game’s music and development.

Freshman development house Sabotage Studio released The Messenger to an excited audience in late August 2018, and the response from players was almost unanimously positive. The Ninja Gaiden-esque gameplay was tight and fun, and the soundtrack was HUGE and featured both NES and Genesis style renditions of nearly every amazing track. On today’s VGMbassy, Ed invites composer Rainbowdragoneyes, aka Eric Brown, to have a chat about the game’s music and development. Since he was brought on-board while the game was in it’s infancy, Eric has a lot of insight about the game’s production as well as commentary on his own soundtrack. Enjoy this in-depth look at what some people are calling indie game of the year!

Check out all of Eric’s bands and side projects at the following links:
Rainbowdragoneyes Eric’s solo “Extreme Chiptune Dance Metal” project
Nekrogoblikon –  American Melodic Death Metal
Magic HammerExtreme Dance Music
Vale of Pnath Technical Death Metal
Swashbuckle Pirate Metal

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The Tracklist:

The Messenger (PC, Switch, 2018)
Developed by Sabotage Studio
Published by Devolver Digital
All Songs Composed by Eric W Brown

1 –  A Ninja’s Respite (Ninja Village 8-bit)

2 – Harness the Winds/ Harnessing the Winds (Howling Grotto)

3 – Quillshroom’s Horrors/ The Queendom of Quills (Quillshroom Marsh)

4 – The Frozen Light/ The Frozen Dark (Glacial Peak)

5 – The Arcane Golem (Boss)

6 – The Arcane Shoppe/ The Shopkeeper

7 – Find a Way/ Know the Way (Dark Cave)

8 – The Poisoned River/ The Blue River (Riviere Turquoise)

9 – Manfred the Sky Serpent

10 – To Break the Curse/ A Melody to Break the Curse (Music Box)

11 – Staff Roll (End Credits)

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1 thought on “Episode 13 – The Messenger with Composer Rainbowdragoneyes

  1. Ah man this was such a treat to listen to. I’m a BIG fan of both the game and the soundtrack so all of this was interesting to hear about. I actually paused the game many times during my first playthrough just to enjoy the music. So much so that mid playthrough I had to stop playing and remix a track myself ^^ Kudos for doing this episode and HUGE thank you to Eric to talk so freely about his experience and his creative process.

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