Episode 35: NES Memories with Cam Chiles

Imagine yourself in your childhood bedroom as you kick back and listen to The Mad Gear’s Cam Chiles and Ed share some great NES soundtracks and some very heartfelt and humorous tales of video games past.

If you grew up in North America in the 80’s, you probably have a few stories about the NES. Even if you didn’t own one, chances are a friend did. Cam Chiles, drummer/arranger in the awesome VGM band The Mad Gear wanted to share a few of his own NES stories on the show. Ed had quite a few stories too, so they got together and made an awesome podcast about ’em!  Imagine yourself in your childhood bedroom as you kick back and listen to some great NES soundtracks and relate to some very heartfelt and humorous tales of video games past.

See videos and hear tough tunes from The Mad Gear on their YouTube channel
Grab their albums (including their latest, “Super Mad Gear: Symphony of the Fight”) here: https://themadgear.bandcamp.com/

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Raging River” from Guerilla War (NES, 1988) Composed by Yoko Osaka, Toshikazu Tanaka, and Kazuhiro Nishida

2 – “Title Theme” from Commando (NES, 1986) Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto and Yoshihiro Sakaguchi

3 – “Captain America Stage” from Captain America and the Avengers (NES, 1991) Composed by Seiji Momoi and Takafumi Miura

4 – “Arm Wrestling” from Track and Field II (NES, 1988) Composed by Jun Funahashi

5 – “Cliffhanger” from Ivan Iron Man Stewart’s Super Off Road (NES, 1990) Composed by David Wise, Mark Betteridge and Sam Powell

6 – “Stages 1-6” from Stinger (NES, 1987) Composed by Kiyohiro Sada, Shinya Sakamoto, Satoe Terashima, and Kinuyo Yamashita

7 – “Stage Theme” from Dragon Power (NES, 1986) Composed by Toshiko Kawanishi

8 – “Grand Canyon” from Rad Racer (NES, 1987) Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

9 – “Coast to Coast” from Rad Racer II (NES, 1990) Composed by Nobuo Uematsa and Hiroshi Nakamura

10 – “Stage 2” from Fun House (NES, 1991) Composed by George Sanger and David Warhol

11 – “Title Theme” from Anticipation (NES, 1988) Composed by David Wise

12 – “Room Theme 1” from Solomon’s Key (NES, 1987) Composed by Michiharu Hasuya

13 – “Stage 1” from Legendary Wings (NES, 1988) Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto, Manami Matsumae, and Yoshihiro Sakaguchi

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