Episode 97: The Music of Undertale’s Alternate Universes with Logan

Ed and Logan delve into the captivating world of Undertale alternate universes, unraveling the intricate web of fan-created narratives that have sprung from Toby Fox’s iconic game.

On this month’s episode, Logan is back! Prepare to be schooled as they delve into the world of Undertale alternate universes, unraveling the intricate web of fan-created narratives that have sprung from Toby Fox’s iconic game. Logan passionately explores the diverse interpretations and imaginative twists that fans have introduced to Undertale’s original storyline. The focus of the episode, of course, is a deep dive into the mesmerizing music that accompanies these alternate universes. Filled with determination, Ed and Logan dissect the emotional impact and creative brilliance of these soundtracks, discussing how it enhances the unique atmosphere of each alternate universe. Whether you’re a die-hard Undertale fan or a newcomer to the universe of alternate timelines, you’re in for an engaging exploration of the boundless creativity inspired by this beloved indie game.

Check out the tracklist for links to the indie artists that are featured on today’s show.

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Dynami V2 NITRO Remix” from Altertale (2017) Composed by Robin Blend, Remixed by Nick Nitro

Robin Blend’s Soundcloud

2 – “Black Apple” from Underverse (2020) Composed by NyxTheShield

NyxTheShield’s Bandcamp

3 – “Phase 1 [Now You’ll Never Leave]” from VHS SANS (2023) Composed by  iamaboss0

iamaboss0’s Soundcloud

4 – “Megalo Strike Back V3” (2021) from Earthbound I Miss You Composed by Toby Fox, Remixed by Nick Nitro

Nick Nitro’s Youtube

5 – “Not a Slacker Anymore (Official Remake)” from Undertale: Last Breath (2021) Composed by BenLab, Remixed by OnyxCupcakes

OnyxCupcakes’ YouTube

6 – “Reality Check Through the Skull” from Dusttale (2020) Composed by DM DOKURO

DM DOKURO’s Bandcamp

7 – “Made in Heaven” from Deltamyth (2021) Composed by Moonster

Moonster’s Soundcloud

8 – “Hello World (Fatal Error)” from Aftertale (Comic, 2015) Composed by SharaX

SharaX’s YouTube

9 – “Royal Knight/ Evil Papyrus Theme” from Underfell (2015) Composed by Neveroff

Neveroff’s YouTube

10 – “Forlorn (Dalv’s Battle Theme)” from Undertale Yellow (2016) Composed by MasterSwordRemix and arranged by MyNewSoundtrack

MyNewSoundtrack’s Bandcamp

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