Episode 72: Hackin’ & Slashin’ with Dan Laughton

Ed and Dan look at the soundtracks and gameplay from Hack & Slash games, sharing music from classic and current titles.

The fabled event is finally here! After promising a guest appearance on “the next show” for a few months, Ed and Dan Laughton finally found time to sit down together and share some tunes from another of their favorite genres. Today, they’re looking at the soundtracks and gameplay from Hack & Slash games, sharing music from classic and current titles. Ready your weapons and vibe out to this eclectic mix of VGM melodies!

Download the Jitsu Squad demo HERE
Purchase the Tanzer Genesis game or Download the ROM HERE

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Guardian Ape” from Sekiro (PC, PS4 and Xbox One, 2019) Composed by Yuka Kitamura

2 – “Hope for Tomorrow” from Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder (Arcade, 1992) Composed by Masanori Takeuchi and Tomoyuki Kawamura

3 – “City Ruins – Rays of Light” from Nier: Automata (PS4, PC and Xbox One, 2017) Composed by Keeichi Okabe, Hana Kikuchi and Yoshino Akabane

4 – “Frostjaw Fortress” from Jitsu Squad (PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox, TBD) Composed by Sebastien Romero

5 – “The Core” from Oniken (Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, 2012) Composed by Thommaz Kaufmann

6 – “Stage 4” from Blade Master (Arcade, 1991) Composed by Takushi Hiyamuta

7 – “Hit the Floor” from Katana Zero (PC, Switch, Xbox One, 2019) Composed by DJ Electrohead (LudoWic)

8 – “In High Spirits (Japan)” from Sengoku 3 (Neo-Geo, 2001) Composed by Toshikazu Tanaka

9 – ”Lady Battle” from Devil May Cry 3 (PS2, 2006) Composed by Tetsuya Shibata

10 – “Bad Ending” from Tanzer (Genesis, 2019) Composed by slashz (Johan Aguren)

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