Episode 76: Blind Listen 7: Going Under with Ryan Steel

Llistener UtopiaNemo tries to stump Ed and game composer Ryan Steel with the soundtrack to a game called Going Under.

Dust off that thinking cap and polish up that magnifying glass, because it’s time for another Blind Listen! This time, listener UtopiaNemo tries to stump Ed and game composer Ryan Steel with the soundtrack to a game called Going Under. Our hosts, using only the music and track titles, need to figure out what kind of game they’re listening to. Bonus points for guessing the year, composer, and console!  The music in this one is phenomenal, with genre-blending dance music and nearly endless progressions. Will the boys figure it out? Only time will tell!

Catlandia, an Adorable (and Challenging) RPG, Soundtrack by Ryan:

Ryan’s Twitter:

Ryan’s Soundcloud:

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****Spoiler Alert****
Composer and Game Credits are Listed at the Bottom of the Tracklist 



The Tracklist:

monorail hype

the grind

4.8 stars


talk is cheap

hand over fist

motorized ice sculpture


‘crypto’ type beat

trust fall


pink noise

he who fails upward

dark pattern

bittersweet victory music


Going Under (Switch, PS4, PC, XB1, 2020)
Composed by Felix Peaslee and Chong the Nomad
Developed by Aggro Crab Games, Published by Team17

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